Topsham community spirit alive and well

Well done to the residents of Topsham’s Greatwood Terrace for coming together to re-surface their road and who are leading the way in community spirit.

We noticed the community feel that the road has straight away when we visited it to provide our Topsham home cleaning services there. Always ready with a smile and a happy ‘hello’ the feeling of community is alive and well in Greatwood Terrace.

We clean regularly for residents on Greatwood Terrace and like many others have had to negotiate the deep potholes that had developed up and down the private terrace. But car-killing craters are no more thanks to the coming together of the little lane.

Lead by resident Ian Hookway and officially opened at the start of the month the road resurfacing couldn’t have happened without the support of the neighbours.

Once walking down the private road hand in hand we even received an “Ain’t love grand!” from a cheery older lady leaning on her gate, and ain’t community spirit grand too my dear!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES to Clean Your Home

ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES is Exeter’s premier cleaning company. We provide regular and one-off home cleaning services to customers all across the Exeter area. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose us if you’re looking for home-cleaning services in and around Exeter:

1.       We are locally owned and run

“I think because the owners live and work in Exeter it means that they really care”

ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES are locally owned and run from Topsham, Exeter. We are not a franchise, owned by a faceless company from far away, but rather we shop, eat, socialise and relax locally and are passionate about providing our neighbours around the area with the professional and hardworking cleaning services that they deserve.

2.       We use only eco-friendly products

“I like the fact that they don’t bring nasty chemicals into the house so my pets and my kids are safe – and it smells great”

At ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES we believe in cleaning to the highest standards without putting at risk the local environment, our customers, their pets or our cleaning teams. This is why we only bring eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products into your home. This means that you are not breathing in toxic chemicals and your house will smell of fresh, clean and of natural cleaning products after we have left.

3.       We are all fully insured, uniformed and police-checked

“They are instantly recognisable in their uniforms which is really reassuring for my elderly mother when they visit”

Our cleaning teams at ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES are all trained and security-checked (formally called a CRB check) and fully insured to give our customers absolute peace of mind when booking our cleaning services.  ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES employees are also instantly recognisable in our smart and branded uniforms that echoes our professional values.

4.       Our home-cleaning services are used by professional lettings agencies

“We are a lettings agency and we regularly use ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES for our end of tenancy cleans. We have had nothing but good feedback about their dedication and professionalism and the results that they manage to achieve on our properties”

It is testament to the consistently high level of cleaning that we provide that our services are employed again and again by lettings agencies and estate agents in the local area. A consistently premier standard of deep-cleaning is essential for companies who let homes to their customers in the Exeter area which is what we are able to provide – and if we can do it for them then we can do it for you!

5.       ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES won’t change your cleaner every week

“I’ve got to know my cleaners now and I really like using a company that doesn’t change them all the time.”

Unlike some cleaning companies ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES won’t change your cleaner over every week.  We know that keeping the same cleaner is important to customers and to us it is vital in making sure that we are delivering exactly the cleaning service that you have asked for.

6.       There are no contracts to sign – and we are flexible!

“I didn’t want to be tied into a contract just in case my circumstances were to change so knowing that I was in control of our cleaning arrangements was great”

ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES will never ask you to sign a contract for our regular or one-off cleaning services which means that our customers are fully in control as to when we visit them. Holidays, or times when you want fewer or an increase in the number of cleaning visits are no problem.


7.       We invite customer feedback throughout your time with us

“I like the way that my ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES cleaner will always ask me if there is anything more that they could be doing – it’s great to be asked”

Here at ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES we encourage feedback from our customers in all its forms. We are here to make life easier for our customers and so we regularly want to make sure that we are meeting your needs. Customers are asked to feedback on the website, face-to-face or via email.

8.       We bring our own cleaning products and equipment

“The fact that ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES provide all their own cleaning products is a great help as it means I don’t have to stock up before they come”

We believe it is our job to clean and that means providing our own cleaning equipment too. You’ll get no complaints from us if you’ve ran out of cream cleaner or Limescale spray as we’ll bring it all with us. This saves you money and time – all to make it easier for you.

9. We’re always available to be contacted

“I’m often very busy but my last cleaner was really hard to get hold of and didn’t return my calls. With ESTUARY CLEANING I can just send an email and I’ll get a reply in no time”

We want to be available to you whenever you may need to get hold of us. Whether you have left a key out for us, need to change your cleaning date or have specific cleaning instructions for us you can simply call, text or email and we’ll be sure to get the message – and reply!

10. We provide a Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our cleans

“It was a great reassurance when I first booked a clean to know that it was covered by a money-back satisfaction guarantee. It meant I had nothing to lose, so I went for it!”

We know it can be a big decision to hire a regular cleaner so we want to make the decision as risk free for you as possible. That is why we provide the ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES satisfaction guarantee. The Guarantee means that if you are not entirely happy with the cleaning you have received and if we can’t put it right then you can pay us any amount that you want to.

Our Guarantee is designed to give you absolute peace of mind when booking a clean from ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES. If you would like to contact us to organise your free, no obligation initial consultation then please click here.



Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Home Cleaner

1.       You love a clean home – but not the actual cleaning

We all love a clean home but the actual cleaning part is not so popular and in a busy household it can also quickly slip down the priority list.

There is nothing better than coming home from a busy day at work to a clean and sparkling home that smells amazing and where everything is in its place, so why not skip the dull part and hire someone to clean for you.

2.       It’ll encourage you to get other things sorted

I’m always surprised (and pleased) by how many of our customers say that having a cleaning service has encouraged them to get other areas of their homes and lives sorted out.

Whether it’s cleaning out the loft, selling some of the junk in the spare room or emptying the kitchen cupboards, just the fact of having a regular cleaner seems to make people want to get organised!

3.       It’ll be great for  you and your partner –

Research has shown that domestic chores are one of the greatest causes of arguments between both married and non-married couples. If you are part of a couple and think that you’re the only couple who squabble about the division of chores then think again.

Knowing that cleaning can be such a niggle within families means that letting a cleaner take the strain could really makes sense when looking to improve harmony in the home.

4.       No different to paying for plenty of other jobs that we pay for 

Some people don’t consider a cleaner, not because they don’t need one but because they would feel guilty about hiring someone else to do these jobs.  Women in particular feel that they should be able to do it all, but they can’t! We pay people to cut our hair, rewire our houses and clean our windows so why would we still feel guilty in hiring someone else to help clean our home? Especially given the good that it can do the whole family.

5.       You’ll start entertaining friends more

Particularly during winter time, most of our entertaining and recreation takes place in our

You'll start entertaining more
You’ll start entertaining more

homes.  However, the lack of cleanliness our homes can be a key reason that is stopping us from inviting friends and family from over.

Susan explains how her house often stopped her from inviting her girlfriends to visit: “It always put me off inviting friends over for dinner – even my best friends – because of the state of the house. The thought of tidying it as well as cooking the meal would always stop me from arranging anything. So when I started using a regular cleaning service it meant that I could actually start seeing my friends much more often”.

So hiring a professional cleaner, even just for one-off deep cleaning, can even have an impact on your social life.


6.       Get a fresh start every week!

No matter how hectic the week was (and what the subsequent impact on your home has been) once your cleaner has been, the house will feel restored once more. Don’t underestimate the power of this restoration on lifting your mood and motivating you and your family.

7.       Retain a deposit on your rented home

If you rent your home from an agent or a landlord then the chances are that you have a deposit that you would like to protect when you move out. A sure way of losing that hard-saved for lump sum is to leave the property in a way where the landlord will need to hire a cleaner to sort – as you can be sure that this will cost more than if you sorted it yourself.

Many tenants use Estuary Cleaning Services to maintain the cleanliness of their property throughout the tenancies or some will call us in at the end – either way you could save yourselves pounds and keep on good terms with your landlord.

8.       Take advantage of the experience of the professionals

Professional cleaners, like those at Estuary Cleaning Services, often have a lot of experience of domestic cleaning and this means that they can put it to great use on your home.

A tap or a bathroom tile that you thought was beyond cleaning may just need a certain technique, some time and a bit of prior knowledge.  So why not make the most of your cleaner’s experience and let your home reap the benefits.

9.       Out-source other areas of your life

Having a great experience with a cleaner can encourage you to outsource other areas of your life. Does the laundry take too long? Is the 4 hours you put aside for ironing really a good use of your time? Should you be painting the bedroom when you could be out with the kids?

In Britain, women in particular, still try to do it all. We forget that all over the world many people are already outsourcing more areas of their lives so that they can concentrate on the things that really matter. Many people now realise that it can pay them emotionally and financially to use others to do certain tasks.

10.   Most importantly – How much is your time worth?

Time that you save whilst not doing the cleaning is time that you can be putting into much more important and life-affirming things – like your family or your friends.

Lizzie, a typical Estuary Cleaning Customer says: “I now get an extra time every week when our cleaner comes, and I have tried to really use for positive things. I see my parents and my friends more often and have even taken up yoga – it’s great”.

So why not call us at ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES to see what impact we could have on your life. We provide a no obligation home consultation, there are no contracts to sign and we give 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our cleans. 

Know Your Stains In The New Year

Get rid of stains around your home with our simple guide to stain removal.

If you’re spending a lot of time in your home over the new year months then you’ll certainly want your home to sparkle. With this in mind we have created a “Know Your Stains” Guide to help you to identify and tackle the stubborn stains that could be ruining the look of your home.

Here are the 5 Types of Stain:

Did you know that stains can be broken down into 5 main categories:

  1. Oil-based Stains – These stains include grease, butter, fats and make-up stains
  2. Dye-based Stains – These include stains from fruit, food colouring and dyes
  3. Oil & Dye based Stains – Combined these include the stains you would get from lipstick or shoe-polish
  4. Protein-based Stains – These include the classic grass/mud stain as well as bodily fluids
  5. Tannin-based Stains – The classic spilt glass of red wine is here, as well as tea, coffee and beer.

So once we have identified the stain in question then we are already part way there in treating the stain so that we can bring our carpet/shirt/sofa back to its former glory.


Recommended Treatment for Household Stains:

1. Oil-based stains are one of the simplest stains and if caught early enough can generally be attacked with simple warm water and soap.  If the stain has set then it may be useful to use a stain treatment as well to ensure complete removal of the oil-based stain.

2. Dye-based stains need cold plenty of cold water over them before being soaked in cold water too. Once they have been soaked then add detergent and where possible put them through a hot wash.

3. Oil & Dye Combination stains can be one of the hardest stains to remove because of the nature of the stain. Removing these is a 2-step process which needs a little bit of patience. You need to first work on the oily part by scraping off the oil, if it is something like wax, or using a solvent like meths (try a test area first). Second you should work on the dye by soaking in cold water and detergent.

4. Protein-based stains need to be soaked in cold water and detergent first. Don’t not use warm water on a protein-based stain straight away as this will set the stain and make it much harder to ever remove. Only once soaked for a good amount of time should the stain then be washed in warm water.

5. Tannin-based stains need to be rinsed with lots of cold water first and then washed in hot water with laundry detergent.

Tired of picking up Christmas Tree Needles already?

Follow these 5 top tips to keep your Christmas tree in peak condition – so you won’t be cleaning-up after your tree all season.

For hundreds of years we have been fascinated by plants that stay green during the winter. The seasonal interest in Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe demonstrates our awe at all things that thrive during the cold winter months.

So when, in 1846, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were painted stood around an early ‘British’ Christmas tree, it wasn’t long before the trend bringing in a tree at Christmas-time took hold for millions of families across country.

Nowadays, the tradition of putting it up, and decorating, the tree signals for many the true start of the Christmas Season.

But with Christmas trees comes the dreaded pine needles. And if you ever stepped on them in bare feet or spent hours trying to get them out of the carpet, then you’ll know the value of keeping the tree healthy and stopping those needles from dropping.

So here are our Top 5 Tips on how to keep your carpets needle-free this Christmas:

1.       Research The Variety

The traditional Norway Spruce is the most popular variety of Christmas tree in the UK and unfortunately it is also a very effective ‘needle shedder’. However, there are other species of Christmas tree available that are much more carpet-friendly.

An example of a variety that is less likely shed their needles is the ‘Nordman’. The Nordman is a bit more expensive than the traditional Norway Spruce but you’ll save hours in vacuuming.

2.       Perform A Health-Check Before You Buy

It pays to do a quick health-check on your tree before you part with any cash, as the healthier your tree is when you buy it, the less needles it will shed when you get it home.

The key things to look for when trying to buy a healthy tree are: 1. Are the needles firmly attached to the branches? If not then beware as it will probably be shedding needles before you have it through the front door. And 2: Is the stump of the tree light or dark? The lighter the stump the more recent that the tree has been cut down (and the longer it will last).

3.       Give Your Tree A Drink

Respected Gardener and horticulturalist Monty Don advises the first and best thing that we can do for our Christmas trees is to stand them in a bucket of water as soon as you get home. Monty says: “Much like cut flowers, the tree will absorb water into its leaves through the trunk” and this will increase the health of the tree immediately.

4.       (Like The Snowman) Keep It Away From The Fire

The Christmas tree generally comes from the cold climates of Norway and as such is not ideally suited the heat of a modern home. Typically the tree responds to any rise in temperature by shedding its needles with great enthusiasm so bare this in mind when thinking about where to put your tree. The cooler the area the longer the tree will last.

5.       Keep It Hydrated Throughout Christmas

Like us, your Christmas tree needs regular hydration throughout Christmas if it is to stay happy. For this reason we suggest putting your tree in a water-proof pot and always keeping it topped up with water.


So there are Estuary Cleaning Services’ top tips for keeping your carpets needle-free this Winter.  If you think that you could do with some help cleaning the house around Christmas (and beyond) then feel free to have a look at our Christmas Special Offers.



Ditch your toxic cleaning chemicals in favour of this all-natural product

“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. So said the infamous writer and lecturer on self-improvement, Dale Carnegie.

 But we’ve got something better to do with lemons.


Packed with Citric Acid, lemons are Mother-Nature’s natural cleaning product. Not only do they clean, remove grease and sanitise effectively, they smell amazing too.

Safe for the family

Lemons do not contain the cancer-causing chemicals of many of our household cleaning products and detergents – which means that we can use them everywhere without fearing that they are harming our family.

Safe for the environment

Because lemons don’t contain the toxic chemicals of the big name brands we can also be happy putting them down the sink or toilet without fear that they will be adding pollution to our rivers and seas. With no thick plastic container they also are fully biodegradable and do not add to landfill.


So here are our top 5 cleaning uses for the humble lemon:

1.       De-greaser

Straight lemon-juice is a natural degreaser. Pour it on and leave it for a while, then scrub it as you would with a washing-up liquid. It cuts through the grease and means that you’re not covering your cooking tins and cleaning surfaces in carcinogenic chemicals.


2.       Removing stains from your wooden chopping boards

The Citric Acid in the lemon juice makes it an extremely effective stain remover.  Mix the lemon juice with water and apply to the board. Leave it a while before rinsing.

This provides a great alternative to the bleach which currently lurks under most kitchen sinks.


3.       Multi-purpose Cleaner

Mix equal parts of lemon-juice and water in a spray bottle so that it can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner all around your home.

Sometimes the convenience of the shop-bought cleaners means that we will choose them over the natural alternatives. However, once you have your spray-bottle filled up then you are ready to go every time! And you don’t have to worry about the children getting their hands on it either.


4.       Limescale Remover

If you have hard-to-remove limescale on or around your taps, then slice up a lemon and leave the slices wrapped around the limesacale overnight. The next day remove the slices of lemon and the limescale should just wipe off.


5.       Microwave cleaner

Take a quarter of a lemon and add it to a bowl of water. Put it in the microwave for 4 or 5 minutes and then carefully remove it (it’ll be hot!) Once you have done this, any burnt-on food and grease will just wipe off.

For added help with stubborn microwave mess you can use your multi-purpose lemon cleaner as outlined above.

 But remember to slow down!

So as you can see, lemons are a great alternative to the toxic cleaning products that are advertised daily on the television, but always keep in mind the following:

When using any natural cleaning products like lemons, remember to give yourself a break once it’s been applied and let the lemon do its work before wiping off.

Time is your friend when it comes to cleaning with natural products, so have a cup of tea once you’ve applied the natural solution, then see the amazing results.


Think you know your laundry symbols? Recognising them could save you hundreds

We’ve all seen those little care labels in the back of our clothes, but do we actually know what all of the symbols mean?

If you’re inclined to throw your laundry in the washing machine and hope for the best, then you could be shortening the life of your clothes by years and costing yourself a fortune.

The below symbols can be found on the clothing care label of your clothes – but what do they actually mean? (See answers below!)

Laundry Symbols Quiz


A: Wash at 30 Degrees.

B: Non-Chlorine Bleach Only

C: Tumble Drying allowed at low temperatures. If there were 2 dots then tumble drying would be allowed at normal temperatures

D: Do not tumble dry.

E: Do not wash

F: Iron at low temperatures (110°). This would normally be used on garments made of acrylic, nylon or acetate. If there were 2 dots then it would mean that a hot iron would be fine at 150° and if there were 3 dots then a very hot iron should not cause any harm at 200°. These symbols often correspond to those on your iron.

G: Hand Wash Only

H: Do Not Bleach

I: Line Dry In The Shade (Extra points if you got this one!)


These are just a sample of the symbols that are there to give us advice on caring for our clothes. The complete list can be found here.

Estuary Cleaning Services provide free ‘pick-up and drop-off’ ironing services in and around Topsham, Woodbury, Exeter, Exminster and Exmouth.

We’re convenient and thorough so give us a call if you’d like us to take care of your ironing.

Contract an illness this winter? Blame the mice in your office

According to a study by the University of Arizona, 60% of time off work in an office can be traced back to illness caused by dirty office equipment.

The humble computer mouse, office telephone and keyboard are all prime breeding grounds for the sickness-causing bugs including MRSA, Salmonella and Ecoli.

With 85% of office workers eating food at their desks and 65% of office workers admitting to sharing computers and office telephones with their hard-working colleagues, then it’s not surprising that, when the winter bug hits the office, illness (and subsequent forced time away from work) tends to spread like wildfire.

If we think that we can rely on our hard-pressed fellow office-dwellers’ cleaning habits to protect us, unfortunately we are missing the fact that only 8% of people say they wash their hands before they start working at their desks.

But fortunately for all of us help is at hand in the form of an efficient and thorough office cleaner. In fact, cleaning our computer mouse and other desk accessories in our offices has been shown to reduce the bacteria count by an amazing 99.9%.

That means with some regular cleaning the spread of office illnesses could be dramatically reduced and our regular winter cold, that hits up to 60% of workers, could almost become a thing of the past.

If you feel that your office could do with an expert and diligent team of cleaners then please call our team at Estuary Cleaning Services. We know about germs, we know about clean.


This not-so-secret household weapon will help you banish the bleach for good

Top 5 kitchen cleaning uses for household vinegar

It’s probably in your cupboard already at this very moment – but have you ever considered that you might be wasting money by just pickling your eggs in it?

What are we talking about?


*White Distilled Vinegar to be precise

Although you might not have considered it as a cleaner, its high acidity levels mean that white vinegar can be the home cleaner’s secret weapon in the green fight against the following household foes:

  • Mould
  • Mildew
  • Germs
  • Bacteria

Extremely effective

One big supporter of vinegar as a cleaner is the Heinz company spokesperson Michael Mullen. Mr Mullen says that studies show that 5% vinegar kills 99 percent of bacteria (note the similarities between this figure and the big brands) and 80 percent of viruses.


Currently the average Briton spends £21.33 per shopping trip on big branded and heavily marketed home cleaning products. But the branded supermarket cleaning products are not only expensive, but they may not be good for the environment. Also, because of their toxicity they may not be great products to have around the family either.

Top 5 uses for vinegar in the kitchen

So is vinegar the alternative?  Well have a look at our top 5 kitchen cleaning uses for household vinegar and we’ll see if we can ditch some of our cleaning products in favour of good old vinegar

1. Clean your microwave

Find a micro-wave proof bowl and add a 50:50 mix of distilled vinegar and water. Put the bowl in the microwave and bring the mixture to the boil. Once you have carefully removed the bowl the microwave should be easy to wipe clean with just a cloth and shouldn’t smell either!

Vinegar :1            Branded kitchen spray cleaner: 0

2. Remove stains from coffee or tea cups

If you’ve got guests coming round and the inside of your china cups are covered in stains then try scrubbing them with a paste made from equal parts vinegar and baking soda. Once rinsed off under hot water this the stains should be gone just before your guests arrive.

Vinegar: 2            Branded Washing Up Liquid: 0

3. Remove smells from your fridge

It’s a common problem. Some food that we had forgotten about at the back of the fridge has gone off and given the fridge a rather nasty odour which is seemingly impossible to shift.

Well it’s time to turn to vinegar again – and its old friend Bicarbonate of Soda. After wiping the fridge with soap and water spray the inside of the fridge with undiluted vinegar and wipe it down with a damp cloth. Then put some bicarb in a bowl and leave inside for a few days. Magic!

Vinegar: 3                Branded Kitchen Spray: 0

4. Freshen up old cloths or mops

Forget the bleach and try this for a change when your old cloths or mop needs to be cleaned of bacteria and freshened up. Put your cloths in a small bucket of water (just covered), add ½ a cup of white vinegar and let them soak overnight.

Vinegar: 4           Branded Bleach: 0

5. Clean your dishwasher

Once a year or so vinegar can even be used to get rid of the limescale and soap build up that can stop a dishwasher running efficiently. Empty the dishwasher of crockery and add half a cup of white vinegar. Then just run it for a short cycle and relax.

Vinegar: 5            Expensive dishwasher cleaner: 0

Verdict: Vinegar is the clear winner!

Nobody is perfect when it comes to eco-friendly solutions but a few simple changes can save us money while looking after the planet too.

Look out for more cheap and eco-friendly cleaning tips from the Estuary Cleaning Services blog.

Need a cleaner for your home or office? Click here to view all of the cleaning services that we offer.

Sparkling New Cleaning Blog

Welcome to the brand new blog of Estuary Cleaning Services. We are a friendly and professional cleaning company happy to assist with tasks in and around your home.

On the Estuary Cleaning Services blog we’ll show our latest cleaning Special Offers, offer green home cleaning tips for when we can’t be there and throw in a bit of local information too relating to the great people of Topsham, Exeter, Woodbury, Exminster and Exmouth.

We are a family run cleaning company based in Topsham in East Devon. Our motto is “Professional cleaning, personal service” which sums up our aim to be both highly professional but also personable, friendly and approachable – basically the kind of people that you would like to let into your home or business.

To view our company values please click here

There are plenty of amazing, hardworking and good value for money trades-people who work in and around the East Devon area and we’d like to count ourselves amongst them. We believe that if you buy local then you will receive better service, help the local economy and strengthen the local community ties – all at the same time!

Look out for our special offers and green cleaning tips. And if you have anything you’d like to add then please let us know.

Best wishes,

Estuary Cleaning Services