Our Gift Packages

Gift Packages offer 3If you’re based in the Exeter area of Devon and there is someone who you think deserves a break from cleaning, then our gift packages are just what you need.

Buy an ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES Home Clean as a thoughtful gift

Choose the amount that you wish to spend (starting from only £49.99 ) and we will send you a voucher which your special person can redeem for a home-clean whenever they want to.

“It was an amazing present for my son and daughter to get me for my birthday! It meant that I could go out with their Dad and really enjoy myself knowing that the house would be looking amazing when I got home. Thanks kids!”

Just send us an email with the following information and you will receive a unique ESTUARY CLEANING SERVICES gift voucher by email. The voucher is personalised to the person and reminds them just how much you care.

Your name

Your contact details

The receiver’s name

The receiver’s address

The personalised message for the voucher

How much you wish to gift (min £49.99)

We will contact you and organise everything from there out so that your present to Call todaythat special someone is perfect.

We Clean so you dont have to bird